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Help a Charity

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb

Your Green Box was created to offer alternative shopping options, as opposed to our consumer driven, bad shopping habits. It’s aim is to help people to buy more environmentally friendly in a very convenient way, offering mostly locally manufactured products, thus helping everybody to live more green and healthy and boost our local economy in the process.

Your Green Box is the vision of Lizelle Genade. She has always had a passion for our planet. When she became a mother she realised how important it was for her to make a real difference in how we handle the eco-crisis that mother earth is facing. She studied ways of raising her child as eco-friendly and planet-minded as possible. She found that she could then use her knowledge to give other mothers the tools to also make a difference, by doing talks at antenatal classes and Mother & Baby groups in the Garden Route. She has taken it one step further and has recently qualified as a ‘Green Consultant’, which enables her to help an even wider circle of people to turn their homes, businesses and lives into a an “eco-friendlier” environment!

Besides convenient, green shopping, Your Green Box offers education and encouraging on green living.