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The Green Gift Directory

Your Green Box has made it easy for you to get the green gifts you want (that will cost your friends and loved ones, but not the planet)!

All you need to do is follow the easy steps below:

When browsing products note the "Add to my wishlist" link always displaying  below the "add to cart" button.

On the left side is a block which will display a detailed breakdown of your wishlists.

Lets start off by click on the My wishlists/gift registries link in the left hand block.

Here you'll have the oportunity to give you Wishlist a name. Enter your desired name and click save.

Now that you have your own personal wishlist its time to start browsing and adding some products.

Remember the "Add to my wishlist" link under the "Add to cart button"? Click it for the products you'd like to add.

Continue browsing and adding all your favorite products. Your added products should display on the left in the wishlist/gift registry block.

When done adding click the "My wishlist" link at the bottom of the block.

Next you should be able to see your wishlists name, the amount of products added, when it was created etc. Click the "View" link in the Direct link column.

Next you'll have to options:

1) you can copy the long permalink and email it to your friends and family

2) You can click the "send this wishlist/ gift registry" button. (You might have to click twice depending on your browser)

Here you can enter the email adress or adresses of the people you'd like to send your wishlist/registry to.

When done click send. Your friends and family can then buy you great green gifts that will make both you and the planet happy!