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My Story: Lizelle Genade

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Green Lifestyle Expert

Although I’ve always been quite aware of looking after the environment by recycling, composting and growing my own organic vegetables, my real journey of advocating green lifestyles started when I became pregnant with my son, Aron. As my pregnancy, and awareness, progressed, I realised that I would not only be responsible for my child’s health, but also for the type of world he will be born into and that I would have to ensure his understanding and respect for our earth by setting a good ‘green’ example.

I started reading copious amounts of articles, books and other literature to gather info on how to raise my child in an environmentally friendly way. I opted for using a washable nappy system and natural organic soaps, lotions etc. I also chose to use only BPA-free bottles, feeding containers and juice bottles. As knowledge became my power in making the right decisions, I realised that I needed to share this with others. I started doing talks at ante-natal classes, baby groups and wherever I found some parents who wanted to hear all the shocking info I had gathered! Through this I was able to warn them of the dangers of dioxin (an extremely toxic byproduct of the manufacture process of certain herbicides and bactericides), polymers (found in disposable nappies), parabens, sodium laurel sulphate and phalates (found in most baby products) and inform them on how these are connected to cancer, skin irritation, eczema and asthma to name but a few conditions! Parents needed to know this - for the sake of their family’s health and the health of the planet.

In the process I encountered many people who were concerned as the natural, organic and eco-friendly products that they now wanted to use were not readily available. This spurred me into action for my next project, which was to start an online shop based in theGarden Route, but willing to service nationally. ‘Your Green Box’ was born and is now offering an assortment of eco-friendly options for your household cleaning, hair and body products, baby and children products, products for your pets, your garden, as well as clothing, solar chargers, rain collectors and much more. My mission is to make it easy for all to adopt a green lifestyle!

When talking to people about green lifestyles I also realised that info I considered to be common knowledge was definitely not, and mostly people really did not know! I decided to put together a point-to-point Green Guide on a list of subjects I felt would assist people in their everyday lives. Some of the subjects covered are: travel, pets, gift-giving, clothing, food, babies and children, at home, etc. I am now using this guide to put together workshops that I offer to all interested groups.

But my passion to protect the planet does not stop there. I began noticing how businesses and households all around me were run without ever considering the planet. I decided to do a green consultancy course with ‘Green Path’ to be able to assist businesses to become greener in their operation and to become certified as ‘green’ if they should choose to.

Lastly, I started a local branch of the international ‘Green Drinks’ movement. This enables all green thinking people, businesses and communities to network and inspire each other during our monthly ‘social meetings’.

My commitment to leave a beautiful planet for my child grows on a daily basis and I still have a long list of plans for guides and events for the future. Right now, I know my child is growing up to respect and appreciate our planet, and to be thankful to God for this beautiful gift. That is why my daily actions at home teach him the green way of living.

I rethink most things before throwing it away, even though it drives my husband insane. We are slowly but surely changing things around our house so we can tread as lightly as possible on this earth.

Remember - we did not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we are in fact borrowing it from our children.